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Jaap Klevering is a sound and performance artist and innovative developer of art projects. He is born Dutch and lives and works in Finland since 1983.

He uses voice, movement, speech, digital sound scapes, video and objects. He collaborates with musicians, dance- theater- and visual artists. For over twenty years he has taught at dance and theater academies in Finland and abroad.

He received a 3 year art grant from the Arts Promotion Center Finland twice: in 2013 and 1999. From the Finnish Cture Foundation he received a one year grant in 2009 and a 6 month grant in 2019.

He works with several media: performance art, video- and sound installations, radio plays, social art, live sound and music performance, dance performance and physical theater.

"I want to experiment with form, style and method. I also want to work on solutions for clarity, simplicity, movability, accessibility and openness."

2021 odedopdedo
2018 shamanistic_disco in a large kota tent
2021 voices
2021 kipdedo
2021 johnni wild night
2002 jaapkris1 work with Kristian
2021 fodooi
2002 itisntfun work with Kristian
2007 hatespring challenging times
2011 noItsNotTheWayItIs I saw them all falling
opening doors After 3 months in the Covid-19 pandemic: What happens behind those doors?
roadtrip Driving in the winter in endless dark
first contact After 1 year in social isolation due to the pandemic...
tissueheads protection from the virus taken to the next level
Walking Talking Ten days free flow in Ireland 2004
alien On my doorstep
obsession 2004 walking.... walking?

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